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DAVID SENGER, CEO and Research/SEO Manager


Dave holds an Honours BA degree in Political Science from the University of Calgary, and an MFA in Film Studies/Film Production from the University of British Columbia, which included advanced studies in Canadian film history.  As part of his undergraduate studies, he undertook two eight-month co-operative education work terms with CIRNAC/ISC’s predecessor organization (in Edmonton and Vancouver). In addition, he has training in search engine optimization for small business websites.

Since 1992 he has provided research and analysis services for CIRNAC/ISC, except for a three-year period spent completing his master’s degree.  He has accumulated substantial experience in researching land claims in Alberta and British Columbia.  He also has extensive archival research experience. Additionally, he has gained expertise with research planning, primary source identification of archival files and use of CIRNAC/ISC records systems.  Through his career as a Link ARC manager and researcher, Mr. Senger has accumulated a wide-ranging list of contacts in both Western and Eastern Canada with LMOD and Justice Canada, as well as with researchers involved with LMOD work.    

Dave is also co-Editor of HPOC.ca, and Link ARC's lead for SEO services.




Lori Ann graduated from the University of Alberta (1994) with a BA degree in Latin American studies and Spanish language, minoring in French language. She co-established Link ARC with a wide-ranging background in office and program administration, planning, research/writing and Spanish-English translation. She has worked in Alberta, B.C. and Ontario in the diverse environments of business and arts management, post-secondary education, the oil and gas sector and the environmental remediation field.

Her responsibilities include client and project management, strategic and corporate planning, RFSO/RFP proposal compilation, business development, marketing, promotion and personnel recruitment. In addition to partnering on Link ARC’s corporate operation, and the procurement, management and administration of contracts, Lori Ann conducts ongoing business research into additional opportunities that Link ARC could be prepared to undertake.

Lori Ann is also the co-Editor of HPOC.ca, as well as a contributing writer.


We have a network of experienced and educated professional associate researchers ready to undertake research projects. 

From time to time we recruit qualified individuals for project work. Please check the Indeed website to see if we have any current recruitment efforts.